A brave new edge.

A brave new edge.

Welcome to my blog!

I have been fascinated by the shift caused by the rise of the "Internet of Things." Everything from speakers to Formula 1 cars fundamentally changed - enhanced with new powerful stats and functionality. This shift to the new smart work happened faster than the rise of the internet - and that came at the cost of reliable security - something that we have been battling on our personal computers for the better part of a decade.

However, fear not!  

Most IoT devices, until now, have been relatively dumb - perhaps your refrigerator can tell you the local weather, but cannot do much beyond that. No one is too worried about someone hacking their refrigerator to steal their local weather data.

Around 2017, a more powerful technology began sweeping through the tech work - "edge computing." In basic terms, this means that the power (brains) of the cloud is now in moving down to our everyday objects - some people even affectionately call this move the "fog" (get it: the cloud moved down... :P ).

This downward shift brought even more sophisticated smarts and abilities (perhaps now your refrigerator can suggest an outfit given your schedule and the local weather?)! Great news!

Unfortunately, securing people's personal data wasn't a first class priority during this shift. We added a great amount of smarts, microphones, cameras, and screens into our homes trusting that they were designed in a way that would protect us.

I have taken on a new position at work (I work on Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge) owning most of our security story going forward. Since our product is open source, I can publicly speak to most of my experience.

I want to share my observations, learning, failings, and successes with the world!

I hope that this blog helps me categorize my work since this is a relatively new frontier, and I hope that this blog inspires others in their own projects!

Now, I need to go unplug my refrigerator... for now.